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SkyService 2018 is a large international civil aviation event dedicated to the development of on-board airline services.

SKYSERVICE 2018 venue will be divided into special thematic zones. You will have a chance to see the SkyDelight Awards, a unique culinary competition, and to find out who is  the best of the best among the airports, business halls and hotels. You will visit the exhibition, conference, business negotiations, master classes from brands and trainings.


Exchange experience and best practices in the onboard services

Discussions in business strategy

Establishment of new business contacts


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    Establish new forms of cooperation in the sphere of onboard services

  • 2

    Share knowledge and experience with international companies

  • 3

    Announce major projects related to onboard services

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    Provide an exceptional platform for new business contacts


  • Improvement of services and sales on board the aircraft using advanced technologies;
  • Possibility to exchange experience and ideas on the organization of service with other representatives of the aviation industry;
  • Participation in negotiations with partners and suppliers.


  • Discussion of partnerships and business development;  
  • Participation in business negotiations with suppliers of food, drinks, kitchen equipment, comfort items, services and with other partners;
  • Announcement of major projects related to onboard services and their development.


  • Project presentation related to service improvement;
  • Discussions on cooperation, signing of new contracts;
  • Master classes for flight attendants to increase the loyalty to the products.

Flight attendants

  • ISPY certified training;
  • Master classes held by producers and suppliers of SkyShop goods;
  • Sharing experience.